A company sponsored research project for Curatace where we proposed strategies and application features that will enable graduates to find better careers and facilitate meaningful alumni relationships.
Two example personas that were offered by Curatace.
UX Competitor Analysis
The first step in our process was conducting an analysis of Curatace's competitors. We concluded that companies put a large focus on the Seeker and Giver relationship, particularly through mentoring.

We also saw that Curatace could invest in analytics, so colleges can have greater visibility into what their students and alumni require as they prepare to search for a job.

Empathy Map
Over the course of the semester, we worked independently to conduct a series of interviews with people who matched the traits of the personas. The information we collected contributed to the outcome of the final product.
We began by writing down what our interview participants said and felt about their job searches and careers and saw patterns and groups start to emerge in each section. 
Based on the majority of our interviewees, our group focused mainly on the Seeker persona. Our research showed that Seekers often feel overwhelmed when they prepare their application materials, like creating their resume, and lack helpful feedback from Career Services or industry professionals.
The Seeker's Journey
Our prospective journey map shows the perspective of our persona, Sam the Seeker, who is a college senior looking to apply to jobs.
Sam's goals:
1.) Network and build meaningful relationships with peers and industry professionals
2.) Research and create strong application materials in order to apply to jobs.
The selected emojis reflect Sam's emotions during the phases of his journey. The dashed line is in reference to an earlier Journey Map, which showed a downward trend of frustration and anxiety without the helpful services of Curatace. Our updated Journey Map shows that with Curace's services, Sam will feel more prepared and confident to apply to jobs.
Design Process
The team voted on our top fifteen features from over sixty sketches. Mine are on the far right of both rows above.
Our team used "dot voting" to pick the best features. The upper-right panel shows that three members liked my Job Shadowing feature idea.
My sketches of four features that would be included in the app: Job shadowing, Personal highlights, Video calls for mock interview practice, and Analytics and user metrics.
Buy A Feature
Each team member conducted a series of exercises where our participants chose their most desired features. Based on our results, features were categorized by popularity.
After 30 interviews and 60 sketches, our team narrowed down 15 essential features for the app and placed them in three categories.
For a more consistent look, one team member redrew the essential app features.
Concept Maps
A concept map illustrates the company's unique value of service and how its app fits into that service. This early sketch shows what possible steps our user would take after creating their user profile.
Full b&w version of the concept map with all of our features. When we first started the project, we focused on helping the user build experience with the goal of receiving a job offer. Based on sponsor feedback and additional rounds of interviews, we changed our journey ‘lens’ to focus on the experiences of the user as they prepare to apply to jobs. The final concept map also reflects that the user's journey is not expected to be linear.
All features are accessible from the Home page. When Sam first uses Curatace, he begins by creating his profile within the app. Once completed, he arrives on the homepage to access his ‘Task’ list to see what he needs to complete before applying to jobs. He also refers to his notebook and feedback report, which is filled with his notes and helpful advice from his mock interviewer. Finally, he begins building his application material after reviewing Curatace’s resource materials.
Let’s continue Sam’s journey, now highlighted in orange. He goes to his Personal highlights and sees that he has received endorsements and recommendations from people in his community. In need of professional guidance, Sam then goes to chat with a recruiter, who informs him that he needs to improve his resume. Needing help with updating his application materials, Sam requests a mentor. After a mentor has accepted his request, Sam uses the calendar to schedule a meeting with them.
Sam is now curious about his user engagement, so from his profile he checks his analytics and metrics. Based on his data, he decides to network more by attending industry events. At the event, he talks with a Giver who allows him to shadow them at their job for a day. Sam enjoys this experience and decides to find more Curatace members to connect with who work at that company. Finally, he returns to his user profile in order to export his information onto a CV. Sam now feels more than prepared and confident to begin the application process!

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